Are you the next South African Intimacy Coordinator?


One of IPSA's primary concepts is to be the driving force behind establishing training avenues for potential intimacy coordinators serving the South African film, television, associated media and theatre industry. 

IPSA is actively seeking trainee Intimacy Coordinators and Intimacy Directors from previously marginalised members of society.

In recent history, Intimacy Coordination as a field, lacked diversity.  Intimacy coordinators should represent all members of our society, in South Africa they should speak the various South African languages, reflect and understand the cultural sensibilities and nuances, they should reflect the truth of the characters we see on our screens.  IPSA is hoping to redress the balance, by finding affordable and practical training solutions that mean irrespective of your background and financial status, if you're the right person to be trained to be an intimacy coordinator, we'll find a way to get you into the industry.  

Can you support us in our quest?

We're looking for industry partners to support our goal.

Are you able to partner us on our mission?  Intimacy Coordination and Intimacy Direction training needs to be robust and takes time.  Intimacy Coordinators and Directors need to match international standards and have to complete modules that are a prerequisite of working on set; such as Mental Health First Aid, or Bystander Intervention.  Trainee Intimacy Coordinators and Directors need the opportunity to shadow and learn on set, in the theatre or in academic institutions.

Theory, practice and application - the pathway to becoming an Intimacy Coordinator or Intimacy Director.

To make this field truly accessible to all, we need financial and practical support.  Can you sponsor a trainee?  Can you offer shadowing opportunities on set?  Can you provide a space where we can train coordinators?  Can you pay the fee for trainers?  Can you fund training modules that have to be undertaken to fulfill certification criteria?  Can you finance transport for our trainees to attend training?